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SEO Services In Ireland – Review 2015

A closer look at SEO in Ireland – The Good, the Spammy, and the Leprechauns… Ireland is somewhat unique in the context of Digital Marketing. The population is small (just 4 million +), the economy is recovering from the end of the celtic tiger boom, and the internet infrastructure is on-par with the fast, affordable …

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How To Make Landing Pages That Convert!

Top Landing Pages & Usability Tips: This article offers top level considerations for your website’s landing pages. Any landing page where a visitor enters your site should be of great importance and aligned with organisational goals. Consider how your brand or promotion is being received in a digital era where the attention span of web …

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Best Practices For Optimised Content

How to create unique, readable and search engine friendly articles. The following article offers best practices for content going on external websites. This should be especially useful for blogger outreach or content marketing, but many points translate to general on-page content improvements as well. — A good article answers a question.— A good article is …