I attended a great online marketing seminar run by 2 Sticks Digital Marketing before leaving Australia. As well as all the great information, handy tips and pod casts I acquired at the seminar; was a single sheet of online marketing questions. Even years later, this still stands as a great checklist for the would-be online marketing genius.

1. Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website/s?

2. Do you have Google Analytics auto reports set up and are ou analysing the data?

3. Do you have your Google Map Local Business listing fully optimised for all your physical locations?

4. Are you asking for online reviews of your business?

5. Do you have a complete list of relevant keywords – including ‘long-tails’ – that you’re actively targeting to drive organic search traffic to your website.

6. Are your website meta titles and meta descriptions in order?

7. Have you explored ‘Google Insights‘ to examine keyword trends around your products/services?

8. Do you have a strategy to increase your Page Rank, i.e build up inbound links?

9. Have you listed your business on all your industry specific online directories, and generic directions such as Hotfrog?

10. Are you periodically issuing SEO driven press releases onto your website for the search engines to crawl through?

11. Do you have a YouTube account, and if so have you customised your channel with your corporate branding?

12. Have you set up ‘Google [email or RSS] alerts’ to keep track of any online mention of your company name, brands, competitors?

13. Are you subscribing to industry related RSS feeds?

14. Have you run a Google search on your own name (associated with your industry and or home town) to see what comes up on page 1? Are you happy with what you see or don’t see?

15. If engaging in social media in any way, do you have a formal organisational wide social media policy in place?

16. If operating in international markets, do you have a ‘local’ website for each of the countries / markets?

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