Display Advertising

Online display advertising has become far more innovative in the last ten years. Not only are popular websites providing better quality display placement and display advertising formats, but more and more companies are using new display formats to innovatively create brand equity.

Display advertising isn’t necessarily about huge click-through-rates, or direct conversions. Instead the focus is eyes on impressions, and developing brand retention online. Today the latest display formats aren’t just static, but animated, exciting and even interactive! 

Display advertising options are more expansive than ever. Google’s display network is the most popular, affordable and accessible. There is also Youtube and the Facebook (Meta) advertising platform offering display advertising within the world of social media. ‘Premium’ display on the most popular Irish websites such as independent.ie / journal.ie are typically taken advantage of by big brands. This includes homepage takeovers and similar strategies to introduce new product lines, pricing offers and beyond. 

Consider display advertising to improve the exposure and awareness of your new brand, new product, or pricing offer. 

One key strategy with display banner advertising is to ensure your impressions are delivered in the right place at the right time.

Display advertising

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