10 Irish Businesses To Watch In 2024

In 2024, Ireland’s business landscape shows promise, driven by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Keeping up with emerging businesses is essential for understanding economic success. Our article highlights 10 thriving Irish businesses who’s forward thinking has paved the way for success. 1: Sculpted by Aimee – Revolutionizing the Cosmetics Industry At the forefront of Ireland’s cosmetic […]

The Landscape of SEO in 2024 for Irish Businesses

search engine optimisation in 2024 for irish small medium businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a world where the rules are rewritten, and the landscape constantly evolves. In this article, we’ll dive into the intricate dance between digital marketing and Google, first exploring the past to see how we’ve landed where we are. The following is a candid discussion emphasising the critical role SEO plays […]

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2024

digital marketing trends 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses aiming to make a lasting impact on their audiences. As we approach 2024, the digital landscape is poised for significant transformations, driven by technological advancements, and changing consumer behaviours. Let’s dive into the top five marketing trends for 2024 […]

Threads: The Future of Social Media or the End of Twitter?

 In less than a week since its release, Threads, the new app from Meta, has received over 100 million signups. With a similar interface to Instagram, the apps focus on conversational text-based posts. Meta describes the app as “a new way to share with text” but also gives users the option to upload images and […]

We Need To Talk About Your Online Sales Funnel

Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media

Let’s talk about the most important part of your online business…The Online Sales Funnel:Understanding your online sales funnel is the single most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Not all digital channels are equal, and not all online audiences are at the same stage of the decision-making process. That is the all-important decision to […]

How to get verified on Instagram

instagram verification

⁣Instagram verification is one of the ways to have a proven online reputation. In today’s #instamoody world, where we have tons of profiles representing something that they are not, the blue badge has become the dream of anyone who professionally deals with their Instagram profile.  In this post, we will explain to you how to […]

Marketing VS Advertising VS Branding

What is marketing - Digital marketing Dublin

What is the difference between marketing, advertising and branding? More often than not the lines are blurred between all three concepts. In the following we discuss the similarity between marketing, advertising and branding from an online perspective and where they sit in the context of business plans and goals. Importantly, marketing is not one and […]

Social Media Hashtags – Everything You Need To Know

social media marketing - dublin, ireland

Using hashtags in social media is kind of a trend now. You can notice that influencers and owners of popular social media pages use them a lot and more importantly – they use them wisely. Read the article to discover how to use smart tags! Great tags can help you reach more followers interested in […]

Social Ad Formats – Facebook Ad Insights 2018


Facebook was launched in 2004. That’s not long ago in the context of the life of the internet, And facebook wasn’t the first platform to try and bring about social interactivity online. But without a doubt, Facebook is the largest and most successful social media network. This means it’s advertising platform is also a market […]

Ad Extensions – Google Ads Insights 2018

Google Search Paid Adverts - Ad Extensions - AdWords Services Ireland

The real estate for your business on search results pages is a key consideration both in terms of organic listings and paid search advertising. Luckily Google tends to reward top ranking advertisers with larger ad listings. But you won’t get this predominant advert listing if you haven’t extended your ads as far as you can. […]

Clever Backlinks To Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Links - SEO Dublin

Years ago, it was easy – build as many backlinks as you can, and your website will fly up the Google search results pages (SERPs). No matter how you went about it – even links from almost empty or inactive websites counted! It all started to change in 2011 when Google algorithm updates (especially Penguin in […]

How To Give Someone Access To Your Facebook Page

As a Digital Agency we manage many Facebook Pages on behalf of clients. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘How do I grant another person access to my Facebook Page?” The information provided by Facebook can be confusing. Here is a simple guide: How to give someone a Role: If you’re […]

SEO Services In Ireland – Review 2015

SEO In Ireland

A closer look at SEO in Ireland – The Good, the Spammy, and the Leprechauns… Ireland is somewhat unique in the context of Digital Marketing. The population is small (just 4 million +), the economy is recovering from the end of the celtic tiger boom, and the internet infrastructure is on-par with the fast, affordable […]

How To Make Landing Pages That Convert!

Landing Pages - SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - User Experience

Top Landing Pages & Usability Tips: This article offers top level considerations for your website’s landing pages. Any landing page where a visitor enters your site should be of great importance and aligned with organisational goals. Consider how your brand or promotion is being received in a digital era where the attention span of web […]

Ad Rank – Google Ads Insights 2014

James Bullock - AdWords - Digital Marketing

AdWords: Getting to know Ad Rank & Quality Score Google AdWords offers a great platform for advertising to targeted online audiences. Google has lead the way in creating a system that not only generates not-too-annoying or intrusive adverts, but also allows advertisers to hone in and focus on the right search user segments. AdWords offers […]

The Ultimate SEO Checklist Guide


The SEO Check List Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of Search Engine Optimisation considerations for just about any website. The following covers fundamentals such as keyword research, title tags, duplicate content, site health issues and beyond. Identify Important Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation starts with identifying target keywords. What search queries should the website be […]

Top eCommerce Considerations & Features

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of successful eCommerce websites. Some operated in very competitive industries including online fashion retail. Most of the projects were struggling at the time I commenced making changes. In some cases, these changes were drastic to the point of turning inside out, the original eCommerce design. Here I […]

Best Practices For Optimised Content

SEO - Content - Digital Marketing - AdWords - Landing Pages

How to create unique, readable and search engine friendly articles. The following article offers best practices for content going on external websites. This should be especially useful for blogger outreach or content marketing, but many points translate to general on-page content improvements as well. — A good article answers a question.— A good article is […]

Advanced SEO Considerations

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Dublin Ireland

A great attitude to have towards SEO is to never be satisfied. Always be analysing, always research, and always be proactive. Taking the time to dig deeper or double check the health of your website can reveal large gaps in optimisation. The basic day to day fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation can be time consuming, […]

Facebook Hints & Tips – Your Business Page

facebook social media marketing

Pages weren’t part of Facebook’s initial inception back in the day. For many businesses an initial move in embracing Facebook’s growing popularity as a marketing medium, was to setup a profile and this mistake still happens today. The functionality of a Facebook Page continues to grow, expand and improve. Pages are 100% the only way […]

Recent Google Algorithm Updates

Using Google to search the web is not a complete look at the web as it is in it’s entirety, but rather a comprehensive look at what Google has found, analysed and indexed from the web. It’s is Google’s priority to provide users with the best, and most relevant webpages in light of the context of […]

16 Online Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

I attended a great online marketing seminar run by 2 Sticks Digital Marketing before leaving Australia. As well as all the great information, handy tips and pod casts I acquired at the seminar; was a single sheet of online marketing questions. Even years later, this still stands as a great checklist for the would-be online marketing […]

On-Page SEO Top Tips

Search Engine Optimisation Checklist

Top tips for site audits on-page SEO fundamentals. This counts as a great starting place to ensure that Google finds you, finds everything, finds it all easily and indexes it into natural search results. This presumes you have already found a reliable tool or method of conducting keyword research. Keyword research is key to any […]

Links Links and More Links

Once upon a time building masses of links to a site would improve natural search rankings in Google without a hitch. It hasn’t been just that simple for quite some time. But links are still an important role in how Google judges and indexes a site. Two fantastic tools in researching and analysing the current links […]