Pages weren’t part of Facebook’s initial inception back in the day. For many businesses an initial move in embracing Facebook’s growing popularity as a marketing medium, was to setup a profile and this mistake still happens today.

The functionality of a Facebook Page continues to grow, expand and improve. Pages are 100% the only way for businesses to get real value out of Facebook.

One thing I personally love about Facebook is the sharing of content. A common mistake I find in the social marketing arena is where businesses upload content or news with the target goal of getting as many ‘likes’ as possible. The ongoing ‘liking’ is a sure demonstration of who is listening, however, more importantly for growing your Facebook Page’s exposure and potential customer base is providing content, pictures, humour, articles, historical insights, links, news that people will ‘share’. To a degree this content can even be slightly / completely unrelated to your products or business if the content is unique and interesting enough to your target demographic. If you are using your Facebook Page to do little more than announce new products or special offers you are likely missing out on growing your fan base when you could be publishing everything you can that excites and entertains people ‘around’ your business.

Golden Rule: Create & post engaging, remarkable, interesting & entertaining content.

Don’t forget that people generally log onto facebook to connect with friends and be entertained. Being ‘sold’ something generally takes a backseat.

Additionally the best times to post content on your Page are over the weekend, in the mornings and Friday afternoon as 3:30-itis kicks in and the average employee starts to think about Friday afternoon drinks.

It’s best to not inundate your audience. Post once every other day.

Facebook engagement statistics:

Between 10-13% of Facebook users post updates about brands/services they like.

Around 50% of Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand/service to a friend after ‘liking’ / engaging with a Facebook page.

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