The real estate for your business on search results pages is a key consideration both in terms of organic listings and paid search advertising. Luckily Google tends to reward top ranking advertisers with larger ad listings. But you won’t get this predominant advert listing if you haven’t extended your ads as far as you can. Here we take a look at Google ad extensions and how they work.

What is an ad extension? A very short definition

Ad extension is an extra snippet of information which shows up under ad headlines and descriptions. This information can be precious for search engine users as they don’t need to browse more. Ad extension can include prices, phone number, business ratings and a lot more. There are two types of extensions: manual and automatic ones. Manual extensions can be added and controlled by a user whereas automatic ones are added by the Google and cannot be controlled by the user. Manual ad extensions can replace automatic extensions.

Why should you get along with ads extensions?

Yes, adding extensions to paid search ads is additional work. But these ad extensions exist for a very good reason – improving relevancy. And the most relevant extra information can double the size of an 1st position paid search advert on Other benefits can include:

Let’s start to use them!

The ultimate guide to Google Ads manual extensions

  1. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are additional links which show up under ad descriptions. They can lead to particular pages, for example contact us pages, latest promotion pages or testimonial pages. Consider them a deep-link on your advert. In that way, your potential customer clicks on the particular link and can more quickly move to understand your offer, buy or contact you.

  1. Location Extensions

Do you have a physical store? Location extension adds your storefront address and opening hours to your text ad. That information is extremely important for nearby searchers. Location extensions can also be taken advantage of in terms of bidding adjustments so you can spend a little more getting the attention of people near you.

  1. Affiliate Location Extensions

Ok, what if you don’t have a stationery shop but your products are available via a retail channel? You can add nearby chain stores that offer your product.

  1. Structured Snippet Extensions

While this ad extension sounds complicated, think of it as your service catalogue. What do you sell, service, offer, provide. This is also a great opportunity to add distinction to your paid search advertisements by pointing out what you do where a competitor may not be able to offer the same.

  1. Call Extensions

Vital. Add your business phone number to your text ad so that potential customers who see your ad on their mobile can click on it to dial your business and make contact straight from the search result page.

  1. Message Extensions

Do you prefer messages instead of calls? When you add message extension to your ad, your customers can text you easily, and again straight from the search results page without having to visit your website.

  1. App Extensions

If you are along with trends for sure you have an app for your customers (if you don’t skip this point). Let your ad to announce it to the world! App extension consists of a thumbnail icon, the name of your application, and a customizable call to action button.

  1. Callout Extensions

Like to boast? Incorporate short, key values which differentiate you from the competition with Callout extensions. Quick shipping, free delivery – highlight it in your ad! This extension very commonly appears on top ranking adverts and adds an extra line detailing your businesses key values or services.

  1. Price Extensions

Do you have special prices which stand out from the competition? Be sure to add prices to your ad! They will show up with a link to a specific page with your product.

  1. Promotion Extensions

Are you planning any promotional campaign? Shout it to the world! Google Ads allow you to advertise coupons, deals, and sales offerings.

If you have any questions about Google Ads – Daily Digital is here to help. We offer a comprehensive Google Ads management service and can make sure your adverts stand out from the competition.

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